When a room fills with smoke, the common practice is to get low to the floor. But what if you have lost your sense of direction, or don’t know where you are? Seaward Safety's Low Location Lighting (LLL) system was developed for exactly that - a system to direct your employees to safety, while also displaying equipment which may be of vital use e.g. extinguishers, fire blankets, hose reels, smoke hoods etc.

Using a high quality, durable, fire retardant photoluminescent insert, our LLL system will continue to highlight a safe route in the event of power failure, fire or smoke ingress. This system does not require electrical power during charge or operation and is very low maintenance.

As well as offshore and marine, the LLL systems can be installed in commercial, domestic and industrial environments and can comply to any standard, including ISO 15370. The system is a reliable means by which owners and operators can demonstrate their legal duty of care.

Seaward Safety provides full testing services for your LLL systems, as according to ISO 15370:2010 and IMO Resolution 752(18).

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