Safety Awareness System (SAS) is a pictorial based signage solution to enhance personnel awareness of hazardous areas and operations, mandatory requirements and prohibited actions. By transcending cultural and language barriers it can be used on all types and classes of rigs/vessels anywhere in the world. 

The system eradicates the need for multiple signs reducing the risk of sign blindness, provides high visual impact and eliminates the need to re-sign after location change. Seaward Safety's SAS products comply with all international regulations.

The SAS was developed by Seaward Safety and Sedco Forex in the late nineties and has since been adopted by many offshore and onshore clients worldwide. To read more about this development please refer to the article published by the Society of Petroleum Engineers, Document ID: SPE-46762-MS, "A New Standard in Rig Communication and Safety Signs Designed to Cross National Language and Cultural Boundaries, Enhancing Rig Safety Information and Hazard Awareness"

Our SAS boards are tailored to suit clients corporate identity, including logo, colours and room/area titles.

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