Page 10 - Seaward Safety Brochure
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Seaward's Safety Signage is specifically designed and manufactured to meet our client's unique requirements.
    Our Safety Signage can be tailored to comply with any relevant national or international regulatory standards and legislation.

             HAZARD WARNING                            MANDATORY                               PROHIBITION
          indicates a specific source           indicates that a specific course           indicates that a specific
              of potential harm.                   of action is to be taken.               behaviour is forbidden.

                                                                             No unauthorised
                                                                             persons allowed
                                                                             beyond this point
                                                                             Permit to work
                                                                             must be

                               HAZARDOUS CHEMICAL                       MULTIPLE PURPOSE
                             indicates a specific hazardous      variation of hazard warning, mandatory
                                    substance.                 prohibition, safe condition and fire fighting.
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