Page 11 - Seaward Safety Brochure
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Photoluminescent (glow in the dark) materials work by absorbing light from an ambient light source, whether natural or electrical,
    and then glowing when the light source is removed. This could be due to power failure, smoke ingress or fire.

              Used for the manufacture of Fire Fighting Equipment Signage, International Maritime Organisation (IMO)
              and Safe Condition, our photoluminescent material will highlight vital information in both light and dark
              conditions. Each sign conforms to ISO 7010 and/or ISO 24409 (series) Ships and marine technology -
              Design, location and use of shipboard safety signs, safety related signs, safety notices and safety markings.

    Our photoluminescent material has been independently tested by the German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) and has
    a Type Approval Certificate issued by DNV to state that the material complies with Annex A.1, item no. A.1/3.40 and Annex B, Module B in the
    directive. SOLAS 74 amended, Regulation II -2/13 and FSS Code 11.

                   IMO                           FIRE FIGHTING EQUIPMENT                     SAFE CONDITION
         indicates an evacuation route,            indicates the location or            indicates an evacuation route,
        safety equipment/facility/action.       identification of fire equipment.       safety equipment/facility/action.
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