Page 5 - Seaward Safety Brochure
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Designed for ease of application, our Coiled Pipe Markers are pre-moulded polyester
    identification strips used to display information on any type of pipework, including external
    and vertical pipes.

                                      Key benefits:
                     - Durable and long lasting, guaranteed for 7 years.
                            - Temperature range: -40ºC to 200ºC

         - Coiled self-locking material; keeps secure even on angled or vertical pipes
                        - Excellent thermal and dimensional stability
           - To prevent pipe corrosion, each marker sticks to itself and not the pipe

    Other useful information:
    Our coiled pipe markings are manufactured using high
    quality, industrial standard materials.
                                                        Typical information displayed:
    To prevent corrosion, each marker is manufactured with
    a strip of double sided tape which sticks to the marker  - Content and direction of flow
    and not the pipe on application. No preparation is needed  - Line number and/or P&I.D.
    prior to installation.                              - Colour code.
                                                        - To and from.
    Each pipe marker can be customised to suit local
    requirements and legislation, including and multi-language
    requirements. To accommodate all pipe sizes we offer
    14 size options. These range from 3/4" - 26" diameter pipes.
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