Page 8 - Seaward Safety Brochure
P. 8

Identification Signs display a facility/vessel’s name, which must be readily identified from
                                     both the air and sea, from all directions of approach and in all light conditions. This is a
                                     requirement of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA.)

                                                                      Key benefits:
                                             - Retroreflective background material offers extremely high visibility.
                                         - Manufactured with durable materials to withstand the harshest of weather.
                                                         - Complies with international regulations.

                                       - Mounted onto a stainless steel frame to offer the best resistance against winds.
                                        - Aluminium based substrate material, a light-weight alternative to steel plates.

                                     Other useful information:
                                     Each ID Sign can be customised to display both
                                     facility/vessel name and company logo.
                                                                                    Our Identification Signs can be
                                     Our ID Signs are mounted onto a stainless steel  manufactured for all types of
                                     frame to offer the best resistance against offshore  offshore facility. This includes
                                                                                    Jackups, FPSOs, Semi-subs and
                                                                                    wind turbine jacket foundations.
                                     Two types of background material are commonly
                                     used for ID Sign construction, these are diamond
                                     and engineering grade. Both are available in white
                                     and yellow, which clearly displays the contrasting
                                     black lettering.
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