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As operators within the Ferry, Cruise and Shipping Industry earn the maritime-specific version of the
      Certification in Infection Prevention (CIP-M), Seaward Safety’s products will assist in providing the
      critical reassurance, which your crew, passengers and stakeholders require, that your vessel is
      readily prepared to operate safely and welcome people back onboard.

      Our signage and markers will not only direct people to follow the hygiene and safe distancing measures
      that you have in place, they will also ensure that your crew and passengers feel confident that you have
      addressed the health, safety and hygiene requirements to keep them safe whilst in your care, as advised by
      the Government.
      As well as offering a standard range of COVID-19 signage, our in-house Design Team can create bespoke
      signage, boards, posters and markers to suit your individual requirements.

                                                     Wash your hands

                                                        with soap for a

                                                           minimum of

                                                            20 seconds


                                             Please keep

                                     2 metres distance



                         FROM COVID-19

         Wash your hands  Stay at home if  Cover your mouth  Discard used  Avoid touching
          often, especially  you have  and nose with a  tissues in a bin  your eyes, nose
          on arriving and  symptoms. Clean  tissue or your  immediately and  and mouth with
         leaving a location.  and disinfect  sleeve (not your  wash your hands  unwashed hands.
                     frequently touched  hands) when  afterwards.  Avoid close
                       objects and   coughing              contact with people
                        surfaces.   or sneezing.             who are ill.

                                   SP-9954                                                     SP-9956
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