Page 7 - Seaward Safety Maritime COVID-19
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Seaward Safety has also developed a
      Hand Sanitiser Station. This board clearly
      displays the instructions for washing hands
      thoroughly, as instructed by the NHS, with
      a hand sanitiser solution dispenser

      The board can be placed at building
      entrances, in toilets, in kitchens or
      wherever necessary.

                                                                     HAND SANITISER STATION BOARD

          1. Rub hands palm to                  4. Back of fingers
               palm.                           to opposing palms
                                                  with fingers

          2. Rub palm over the                5. Rotational rubbing
         back of the other hand,              of left thumb clasped
          with interlaced fingers                in right palm and
            and vice versa.                       vice versa.

          3. Palm to palm with                6. Rotational rubbing,
           fingers interlaced.                 backwards & forwards
                                              with clasped fingers of
                                              right hand in left palm
                                                 and vice versa
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