Fire Escape/Evacuation Plans

It is imperative that people know what to do and where to go in case of a fire or emergency, whether they are residents, guests, visitors or are at work.


Based on your floor plans, Seaward Safety's fully inclusive Fire Escape/Evacuation Plans will direct people to safety in an emergency, whilst highlighting equipment on their route, which may be of vital use, such as fire extinguishers and blankets. Each plan can display a primary and secondary escape route, emergency exits, doorways, stairs etc., as well as mandatory instructions and prohibited actions.

By displaying Fire Escape/Evacuation Plans around your premises in conspicuous, prominent locations, you will be ensuring familiarity and potentially saving lives.


Seaward Safety's Fire Escape/Evacuation Plans can be printed on a white substrate material, as standard, or printed onto a high quality photoluminescent substrate, which will increase the performance of the plan by highlighting the escape route, even if the room is dark or filled with smoke.

We offer an extensive range of equipment symbols (pictographs) to suit your requirements, which can be either printed directly to the plan, or applied as self-adhesive stickers which can be removed if equipment is moved.


Site Plans

Site plans can be used for a multitude of applications: Recreational Parks, Leisure Centres, Theme Parks, Building Sites, Factory/Production Facilities, etc.

Each individual plan can be used to highlight as much, or as little information as you require, e.g. buildings, areas, tourist attractions, safety equipment, fire fighting equipment, etc., as well as any safety messages.

To suit as many applications and budgets as possible, Seaward Safety offer an extensive range of materials, including aluminium composite and photoluminescent. We also offer a range of frames, to protect your plans from vandalism and weather.

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