Seaward Safety's Transition Piece Identification Name Plates are used to clearly highlight the identification name/number of an individual wind turbine, within a wind farm/park.

Standards and guidelines state that individual turbines should be clearly identified from at least 150m.


•  Both options offer extremely high visibility in both light and dark conditions

•  Durable materials which can withstand the harsh weather conditions of the offshore industry

•  Complies with standards and guidelines

•  Our Transition Piece Identification Signs are mounted onto a stainless steel frame to offer the best resistance against offshore winds

•  Aluminium based substrate material, a light-weight alternative to traditional steel plates

Our Transition Piece Identification Name Plates are available in two options: (1) with an electric downlighter, to illuminate the sign at night, or (2) retroreflective material.

Seaward Safety's new Transition Piece Name Plates. Centre picture taken at CWIND Training at Lowestoft College. Pictures: Arleen Bathgate. 

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