Our Engraved and Etched Signs, Labels and Tags can be used for a multitude of applications, to assist you in highlighting hazards, instructions, information, or simply identifying a room or an individual piece of equipment.


To meet the individual requirements of our customers, we offer an extensive range of materials for our Engraved and Etched Signs, Labels and Tags. These range from lightweight Traffolyte (phenolic plastic), to heavy duty stainless steel, with many colours and ink-fill options.

Our Engraved Sign, Label and Tag range:

•  Piping Identification and Labels

•  Room and Cabin Names/Numbers

•  Electrical Safety Tags

•  Instrumentation and Switchboard Tags

•  Electrical and Machinery Isolation Tags

•  Valve Tags

•  Control Panels

•  Signage

•  Ducting labels

•  Cable Identification

•  Asset Tags

•  Bespoke Tags and Signs

•  Elevator Signage

•  Inventory Tags

•  CE Tags

Our material range includes Stainless Steel, Aluminium Composite, Rigid Plastics and Traffolyte. Our Traffolyte is available in many colours and in two different sizes, to suit your requirements.


Traffolyte is constructed of 3 layers of phenolic plastic, with a contrasting coloured middle layer/core. When the top layer is engraved, this reveals the contrasting middle layer. Each colour is available in 1.5mm and 3mm thickness.

We can accommodate most sizes of engraved signs, labels and tags, and our Design Team can assist you with any bespoke designs.

Contacts us to discuss you Engraved Sign, Label and Tag requirements