•  Symbols can be printed directly or applied as self-adhesive vinyl stickers, which can be removed if equipment location changes

•  Available on photoluminescent (glow in the dark) material which will continue to display during power failure, smoke ingress or fire

•  Comprehensive range of symbols/pictograms available

Seaward Safety's Life Saving Appliance (LSA) Plans display equipment and tool locations - which may be of vital use during an emergency. They can also highlight primary (and secondary if applicable) escape routes. To ensure familiarity, LSA plans are displayed in conspicuous, prominent locations that are frequented by crew. Each plan can be tailored to display the muster/embarkation area, as well as both the platform-north and true-north arrows to assist with orientation.

Based on a client's floor plans, our LSA plans display essential pictograms (fire fighting equipment, first aid equipment/areas and other items such as spill kits, grab bags, telephones, floatation aids etc.), as well as any optional pictograms that are required. We tailor all our LSA plans to reflect a clients corporate identity (logo, colours etc.)

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