Life Saving Appliance (LSA) Plans

During an emergency, it is imperative that you and your employees can escape to safety as quickly as possible.


Based on a client's floor plans, Seaward Safety's LSA Plans will highlight all nearby escape routes; muster and embarkation areas; and any equipment that may be of vital use, such as fire-fighting equipment, grab bags, telephones, lifejackets etc.

To ensure familiarity, LSA plans should be displayed in conspicuous, prominent locations that are frequented by you and your employees.

Life Saving Appliance Plan close up

Key Benefits:

•  Pictograms can be printed directly, or self-adhesive vinyl stickers, which can be removed if equipment location changes.

•  Photoluminescent (glow in the dark) material which will continue to display during power failure, smoke ingress or fire.

•  Comprehensive range of symbols/pictograms available.

•  Stainless steel and fibreglass frames are available to protect your plans from the elements. 

Life Saving Appliance Plan glow in the dark
Life Saving Appliance Plan picto options

LSA plans are orientated according to its location, and displayed in conspicuous, prominent locations that are frequented by you and your employees - ensuring familiarity.


Seaward Safety's plans display essential LSA pictograms (fire fighting and first aid equipment, spill kits, grab bags, telephones, etc.), and any additionally requested pictograms. We have an extensive range of pictograms available to accommodate all requirements.  The platform and true north arrows can be displayed, to assist with orientation.

To protect your plans from the elements, we can also supply watertight stainless steel or fibreglass frames.


Fire Control Plans

Fire Control Plans display the fire detection and alarm systems; firefighting equipment and protection systems; means of escape and ventilation; and a facility's fire station locations, and is a mandatory requirement of SOLAS convention described in Regulation 15 of Chapter II.


Seaward Safety can use a client's existing ship plans, general arrangement (GAs) and/or fire plans to produce fully inclusive Fire Control Plans, which can be supplied as an electronic file (PDF, Jpeg) or as a high quality print, at any required size.

It is a mandatory requirement that an approved copy of a ship's fire control plan shall be kept onboard and made available at all times.

Seaward Safety's Fire Control Plan symbols comply to IMO Resolution A.952(23) graphical symbols for shipboard fire control plans and International Standards ISO 17631. These symbols can be printed directly to the plan, or applied as self-adhesive stickers, which can be removed or relocated following equipment changes. 

As well as standard white materials, Seaward Safety can also print your Fire Control Plan onto photoluminescent plastic or vinyl, increasing the performance of the plan.

Contact us to discuss your LSA and/or Fire Control Plan requirements