Privacy Policy

Policy Statement:

When you make contact with us, you share with us and trust us with your information.  We take this responsibility seriously and are committed to protecting your information whilst leaving you in control.

The purpose of this Privacy Statement is to provide a clear explanation of:

  • What information we collect
  • Why we collect it
  • How we use your information
  • How you can view / update / manage and delete your information.


What information we collect:

When getting in touch with us in person, via telephone, via email and via web enquiry, you provide us with contact information which might include your email address, your telephone contact, your mobile contact and your company name and address.


When using our website we use google analytics to help us understand the use of our website and how to improve it.  We also use cookies to assist you in auto-completing data when filling in our enquiry forms.


When visiting one of our sites, our CCTV may collect visitor images.  These images are deleted after 30 days.


Why we collect your information and how we use it:

We collect your information in order that we, together with our affiliates and our agents/distributors with whom we share your information where necessary, can provide and update you on the products and services in which you have expressed an interest or have engaged us in.   We contact you directly for the purpose of:


  • Providing products and services
  • Requesting your feedback on our products and service provision
  • To keep you updated and informed on our products and services relevant to you


Where we may share your data to enable us to provide our products and services to you:

We are part of a bigger family who share data in the process of providing our products and services of interest to you:


Seaward Safety Ltd., Seaward Safety Inc., EXHEAT Ltd., EXHEAT Industrial Ltd., EXHEAT Group Limited, EX Services Pte. Ltd., EXHEAT Pte. Ltd., EXHEAT Process Heat India Pvt. Ltd., Roomfoss Control Systems Ltd.

  • EXHEAT Group Ltd.
  • EXHEAT Ltd.
  • EXHEAT Industrial Ltd.
  • EX Services Pte. Ltd.
  • EXHEAT Pte. Ltd.
  • EXHEAT Process Heat India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Roomfoss Control Systems Ltd.
  • Seaward Safety Ltd.
  • Seaward Safety Inc.

We also share your personal data where necessary with certain companies who are an essential part of us providing our service to you such as our Agents, Distributors and IT Providers who help us run our business.  Be assured that we require all such third parties to respect the security of your personal data and to process it lawfully.  We do not allow third parties to process your data for their own purposes beyond assisting us in our own necessary activity.


Sometimes we might need to transfer your personal data with our family of companies or with third-party processors outside the European Economic Area (EEA).  We will only do this if there are appropriate safeguards in place to make sure your personal data receives the same protection as when it is being processed inside the EEA.


How you can view / update / manage and delete your information:

We appreciate your trust in us to manage your data responsibly and with the greatest of care.  Should you wish to get in touch with us to learn more or to learn specifically what data we hold, to update the data, to manage our use of this data or to request for its deletion then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via the following:



          Tel: +44 1502 512834

Address: Data Protection, c/o Seaward Safety Ltd., 19-23 Barley Way, South Lowestoft Industrial Estate, Lowestoft, Suffolk, NR33 7NH