Helideck Banners


Used to clearly indicate the 'closed' state of a helideck to pilots, our 'landing prohibited' banner complies to the Rules of the Air and Air Traffic Control Regulations.


Using a durable, heavy duty PVC tarpaulin, our Helideck Banners are manufactured to conform with the Civil Aviation Authority's 'Standards for Offshore Helicopter Landing Areas, CAP 437' and is recognised nationally by helicopter pilots. The size of our banner has been tailored to cover the letter 'H' on a within the touchdown and positioning markers on a helideck.
The banner can be safely secured to the helideck using the 7 metal eyelets that run along each edge of the banner.

Key Benefits:

•  Lightweight material allows for ease of use

•  Metal eyelets allow was quick, safe securing to the helideck

•  Can be rolled/folded and stored to be used time and time again

•  Visually impacting colours allow for quick identification by pilots


* Image courtesy of Well-Safe Solutions

Helideck Stencils


Designed for marking/remarking the helideck on a facility, to allow for quick pre-landing identification by pilots.


Seaward Safety’s Helideck Stencils are cut from semi-rigid plastic, therefore the stencils can be easily stored and used time and time again.
Each individual panel is numbered and has locating grooves, similar to a jigsaw, to allow for trouble free alignment.

Key Benefits:

•  Lightweight material allows for ease of use

•  Cost effective

•  Can be rolled and stored, taking up little room, and can be used time and time again

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