Protect your safety plans from the harsh weather conditions of the offshore industry.


Seaward Safety's Plan Frames are manufactured using a highly durable GRP resin, providing both fire and UV resistance. The display window is manufactured using a clear polycarbonate, providing both impact and UV resistance.

Key Benefits:

•  Watertight frame

•  Highly durable materials offer longevity

•  UV, fire and impact resistant

•  A lightweight cost effective alternative to steel frames

•  Visually impacting colours allow for quick identification by pilots

Size Options:

540mm x 420mm Outside Area   (420mm x 300mm Viewing Area)

690mm x 420mm Outside Area   (575mm x 300mm Viewing Area)

620mm x 540mm Outside Area   (500mm x 420mm Viewing Area)

760mm x 760mm Outside Area   (600mm x 600mm Viewing Area)

980mm x 730mm Outside Area   (825mm x 570mm Viewing Area)

1010mm x 840mm Outside Area   (850mm x 680mm Viewing Area)

Installation Options

•  Handrail mounting

•  Mount to uni-strut

•  Mount to bulkhead

•  Mounted to wind-wall

Colour Options:

The frames are manufactured in green as standard, however, alternative colours are also available upon request.

To protect the plan from any harsh weather, a rubber gasket provides a watertight seal between the frame and backing plate. Stainless steel fixtures and fittings ensure the contents of the frame can be changed with ease, and without the risk of rust or corrosion.

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