With Walk To Work (W2W) systems being rapidly adopted by both the Oil and Gas and Alternative Energy industries, Seaward Safety can ensure that our clients remain compliant to regulations by supplying the required identification and directional signage.


Our signage will assist the vessel on its approach to the facility, in both light and dark conditions, as well as the onboard personnel returning to the vessel from the facility.

Key Benefits:

•  Provides extremely high visibility in both light and dark conditions.

•  Cost effective alternative to electrical signs.

•  Maintenance free.

•  Fire retardant.

The most commonly supplied signage for this type of project include (but is not limited to):

• Boat landing identification areas. These are required to be clearly identified from a 30m viewing distance by the vessel Captain, in any given prevailing weather conditions.

• Personnel disembarkation between the platform to the boat landing areas and the W2W transfer bridge. These must be identifiable in both normal and emergency situations and should encompass the necessary directional signage for escape routes to the Main Muster / TR areas.

• All directional signage to assist personnel returning to the vessel.

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