Designed for ease of application, our Coiled Pipe Markers are pre-moulded polyester identification strips used to display information on any type of pipework, including external and vertical pipes. Our Pipe Markers can be single or multiple language and will always comply to relevant regulatory standards. To prevent pipe corrosion, each marker sticks to itself and not the pipe on application, so no preparation work is necessary prior to installation.


•  Durable and long lasting, guaranteed for 7 years.

•  Temperature range: -40ºC to 200ºC

•  Coiled self-locking material; keeps secure even on angled or vertical pipes

•  Excellent thermal and dimensional stability


•  Colour code      •  Content and Direction of flow      •  To and From

•  Line Number and/or P&I.D. reference numbers      •  Pressures

To ascertain a supply package, one of our Surveyors can attend a facility and conduct a full onsite survey. Alternatively, using P&IDs, a desktop survey can be produced to establish an estimated supply package. Seaward Safety can also supply a fully certified Installation Team to install our Pipe Markers. This can be conducted globally, whether a facility is in shipyards, quayside, offshore, whilst being towed or during full operation mode on station.

We also offer a supplementary Pipe Marking Colour Code Board to assist with identifying pipe contents.

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