In our largest contract to date, Seaward Safety supplied our products and services to the very large Statoil Mariner project.


However, following rebranding, the Statoil Mariner later became the Equinor Mariner, which required additional signage to accommodate logo changes etc.

The Requirements

To achieve compliance to regulations, Statoil employed the services of Seaward Safety’s Survey Technicians, to ascertain their signage and marker requirements. Following a comprehensive survey, a requirement was identified for Safety Signage, Platform Identification Signs and approximately 2500m of Anti-slip Stair Nosing, Ladder Rung Covers and Walkway Markers. To further demonstrate their devotion to safety, Statoil also opted for Low Location
Lighting, Bespoke Operational Boards and Seaward Safety’s Safety Awareness System. All of the supplied products were installed by Seaward Safety’s Installation Technicians.

During the hook-up phase of the project, Aker Solutions also had a requirement for Safety Signage and Boards. Our Installation Service was also required for this.

Our Approach

A kick off meeting was held between Statoil, DSME, CB&I and Seaward Safety, to ascertain the initial scope and requirements of the project. Further meetings were also held in Geoiji Island, South Korea, to discuss fixtures and fittings, and installation methods.


•  Due to the size of the project, in our desire to supply the best quality products, on time, Seaward Safety expanded their resources by purchasing a large format printer and digital cutter.

•  We had to design and develop new handrail fixtures, to accommodate the Mariner’s square handrails.

•  The installation was conducted over 2 building yards, in South Korea, therefore, communication between our Installation Technicians was essential, to ensure consistency. Overall, between the 2 yards, and a combined team of 5 Installation Technicians, the install took 3 months to complete.

•  Due to various flooring types, our Installation Technicians had to use alternative fixing methods for the Anti-slip.


The project was completed successfully. Overall, from the DSME building yard in South Korea, to it’s final hook up location in the north sea, 5 Seaward Safety Installation Technicians were on-site, over 2 building yards, for 3 months. Since the initial scope of the Mariner project, Seaward Safety have continued to supply to Equinor and Aker Solutions, independently.